Not-For-Profit Organizations

As the East End of Long Island has always been very philanthropic, our firm naturally gravitated to serving not-for-profits, private clubs, churches, fire departments, ambulance companies, private foundations and schools. We developed a specialized department within the firm to accommodate the needs of these organizations. Through our expertise in auditing and accounting services we are able to understand the distinctive needs of each not-for-profit and assist them in fulfilling their missions.

Our relationship with your organization is not just annually but continually throughout the year to answer any questions or review any of the new requirements as proposed by the regulating agencies. We approach each engagement with an understanding of your internal controls and your mission. We then develop the necessary audit or work plan to accomplish these objectives.

Our services include:

  • Audited financial statements
  • Review and/or compile financial statements
  • Preparation of tax returns (i.e., 990, 990-T, CT-13, and CHAR500) as required
  • Management letter on internal controls
  • A letter to the president, treasurer, or executive director providing suggestions to strengthen the organization’s internal controls. We make practical, realistic recommendations for improving accounting controls and increasing operating efficiency.
  • Startup guidance in establishing exempt status from the IRS and in preparing form 1023 and related state filings.